Guardians Story Circle Cluster

In light of James Gunn’s firing, I rewatched Guardians of the Galaxy. This film has such good story structure: every section is a well wrought story circle that fits perfectly into the larger overall story circle. Guardians can be broken into four to six parts and consumed as sequential art, and each piece would be a satisfying on its own.

In light of that realization, I made a big graphic that shows the wheels within wheels of Guardians of the Galaxy’s superb structure. If you don’t know a lot about story structure, go here to learn the system my model is based on. Also, this graphic assumes you’ve seen the movie and remember the major plot points.


I agree with Marc Bernardin’s take on Gunn’s firing. It will be a huge loss to fans of the series if we don’t at least get a James Gunn screenplay for Guardians Vol. 3.


Finite Resource

When this chapter ends next month, Coldbridge is going to take another break. I’ve got some other projects cooking, and only so much time. Peter and Imp taught me a lot about making comics. I hope I’ll be able to come back to their adventures soon. I have a lot of cool stuff planned for them.


New Year Update

Happy New Years! Things are great! Chapter 2 came out so well that I wanted to try pitching to publishers before posting online. Been working hard on that, which is what’s been delaying me releasing it digitally. Pitching process is slow. If no one bites, expect to see new Coldbridge with a new art style (Courtesy of the very talented Amelia Parris) in Spring.



November News

I have found a new penciller/inker for chapter 2 and we are working hard to get a head start before I begin posting them online. Her name’s Amelia Parris, and you can check out her comic Maddy Scientist here. It’s fun, funny, character-driven sci-fi written and drawn by a rising talent!

Chapter 2’s going to be awesome. It’s got magical metallurgy, irresponsible roommates, demon eyeballs, flying squirrels, lost loves, adorable napping, and, of course, more irascible smooth fox terrier. All coming soon…ish


Went to the Kelowna Comics and Collectibles Expo last month and peddled print versions of chapter one. Got a great response. People were very nice and enthusiastic, and some of them were generous enough to give me their money in exchange for my ideas!

Thanks to everyone that stopped by my booth and checked out Coldbridge!


Work Interruption

Hi folks. You might have noticed there was no new comic on Monday. Been in Northern Ontario for a couple weeks working 12 hours a day, got another ten days to go. Been trying to keep up with the coloring in the evening, but I’m failing. We’re going to take a hiatus until September 4th. See you then!


Delay! ARG!

Too busy for comics! Page 22 is in the works, but is already a day late, and won’t be finished all that soon. We’re going to wait until Monday, August 8th to post it. Give ourselves some time to catch up. Sorry for the delay.

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